About Us


ACH Plumbing and Heating was founded in 2010, and has been providing quality plumbing and heating services to the public ever since. Located in Abington, Northampton, ACH are a local company covering all areas of Northamptonshire.

Our services include central heating, radiators, all plumbing repairs and installations, bathrooms and megaflows. We work quickly and efficiently to ensure your job is completed as quickly as possible and on budget. We appreciate the value of quality work, which is why we never take short cuts. For your next job, why not let ACH Plumbing and Heating Services take care of it for you.

ACH Plumbing and Heating Services can design or make your ultimate bathroom into reality. They can cater for everything from a replacement toilet or sink, a whole bathroom like for like swap through to a custom bathroom styled to your tastes and needs. They also undertake all kinds of central heating works, including component repairs, new and replacement radiators, hot water cylinders, tanks and pipe works.

Call Matt on 07701096930 for a no obligation quote or use the ‘Contact Us’ form below.

Plumbers at ACH Plumbing & Heating Services Offer Excellent Plumbing Services in NORTHAMPTON 

Choose knowledgeable and skilful plumbers with high quality equipment and excellent customer service. Plumbers undergo extensive training at ACH Plumbing & Heating Services. Extensive knowledge of plumbing problems makes our plumbers a reliable choice. To discuss your plumbing needs, contact ACH Plumbing & Heating Services on 07701 096930.